Check our our (mixed) reviews

"This app is crude and vulgar."
- Citris_G

"Come on!! People! Don't get mad cause you can only use the crayon..."
- twighlightthemovie
Thank you, twighlightthemovie!

"Waste of life."
- Ricky r

"Did the developer have to perform sexual favors on apple to get them to post such a piece of manure? Maybe, don't know how it made it."

"It's not the best game but it give me something to do during school"
- Warbird2016

"Omg dis is da worst app ever....i wish i cud rate 0 stars"
- Wowweeeeeee

"This was the stupidest game ever. I read the reviews and they said not to waste my time so I downloaded it for sh*ts n gigs. Now...I have gone into a life long stage of depression."
- Lmao

"Kooool - I change my mind this game rock [thumbs-up]"
- Chidomen
Thank you, Chidomen!

"...worst app ever, would rather eat my iPod, it would entertainment than this piece of crap!!!!"
- Elk123

"Osceno!!!! Una vergogna." (translation: "Obscene!!!! Shameful.")
- rambo67

"...Accidentally said no thanks, so I downloaded it again just so I could give it a bad rating..."
- appaddict537

"This is a pretty fun game....You can always delete it if you don't like it..."
- Zonk5

"The worst game [I've] ever played. This game sucked it was a total waste of 10 minutes of my life!!!..."
- golferchica

"Oooomg. The most stupid game on the planet!!!!!"
- Ugl

"It's really fun I like to play it I don't see why u guys hate it but I find it fun"
- Killerty
Thank you, Killerty!

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